About Chris

I have been working with flower essences both personally over the last 30 years, and professionally for the past 8 years. I first encountered flower essences during the 1970s, when I began experimenting with the Bach remedies together with my first wife Valerie, who became a healer at this time. In the late nineties Valerie was diagnosed with cancer and, as part of her healing process, she began to keep a journal. Shortly before she passed away, she wrote about her childhood neglect and abuse by her parents, which I felt certain was somehow implicated in her cancer. This body-spirit connection really struck a chord with me, and acted as a catalyst for me to pursue my study and use of vibrational and flower essence therapy more seriously.

Following my early retirement from a software business, I started working with flower essence therapy on a professional basis. I now offer client consultations and therapy from two London locations: Ainsworths, the homeopathic pharmacy in Marylebone, and The Tufnell Park Osteopaths in Islington, where my therapeutic services often work in tandem with those of my second wife Hedwig Verdonk, an established cranial osteopath based there.

I am an advanced practitioner of the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association and on the professional register (healing) of the British Society of Dowsers