Remote transmission of essences

I have been working with essences pretty much full time for more than 15 years now, but I can't see myself becoming rich as a flower essence therapist any time soon. However, my understanding continues to grow, and one thing that came up quite early in my career is independent of reward. I found that it is possible to transmit the energy of essences to another person even though they were on the other side of the world.

A powerful option

'Why would you wish to do that?', you may say. It seems to me there is a variety of reasons. First of all, you need to care enough for someone. Remote work is neither particularly quick nor easy, and the person may be totally unaware of what you have done for them. However, if they are suffering in some way - and usually this suffering has a mental or emotional basis whatever the physical symptoms - then you may be drawn to helping them. In fact you can check intuitively (I am a dowser) and if the answer is 'yes, this is for the greater good', and if the person responds positively at the mental, emotional and soul levels to the idea, then it's okay to proceed.

Perhaps they are ill and though you care for them they are resistant to the idea of help from essences ('illogical',' insufficient evidence', 'I don't have time for this stuff'), or they live on another continent and you simply don't trust the post. Whatever the reason, remote transmission of essence energy is a powerful option.

Energy medicine

Essences are energy medicine. We are beings of energy. The essences go out to the recipient and the essence energy modifies their energy for the good. To transmit the essence energy, I visualize the person receiving the relevant essence and set my dowsing pendulum swinging positively until it stops, whereupon the energy of the essence - Australian Bush Confid, say, or Dr Bach's Larch - has been transmitted to the recipient. You can measure the effect between one session and the next. For example, if you have intuited that the person suffers from low self esteem you can measure the intensity of the feeling: let us say 6 out of 6 for a severe case. If you transmit the essence you can then measure the level of that negative feeling two or three weeks later. If the negative feeling has dropped, and a drop from 6 to 5 is significant, you will know that you are on the right track.

Frequently, of course, the person targeted may be quite unaware of this going on but, nonetheless the energy shifts. Personally I would rather have the patient applying her own intention and affirmation consciously to the process and believe that generally the best results come that way. However, often that is not possible and it can be deeply satisfying to help at a distance.


Introductory course

I will be giving a face-to-face course on six Tuesday evenings during October and November to introduce people to the flower and vibrational essences and give them sufficient confidence to select essences which will be helpful to themselves, their families and friends. In particular I will be paying attention to essences that help to alleviate depression.

The course will be held at Rudolf Steiner House on the south-west side of Regent’s Park in London.

There will be a strong hands-on emphasis to the course which will concentrate on raising vital energy (chi) and make use of several different makers’ ranges of essences as well as Dr Bach’s original remedies.

These makers will be chosen for the variety of their approach to essence making but will have in common that they are ‘full spectrum’ producers, attempting to ensure that their essences cover the whole range of the human condition.

We shall also be looking in detail at those areas of human difficulty and imbalance which essences are best able to address – fear, low self-esteem, a lack of self-love and all the negative emotions to which we are subject.

There will also be guidance on sourcing essences from the wide range of makers represented on the web.

There are further details available under the COURSE button above together with an application form.


My book on depression

Published by Floris of Edinburgh on 27th August 2017, the book is called Treating Depression Naturally: How Flower Essences Can Rebalance Your Life. The first two chapters can be read on the Floris website.

It’s available from bookshops, Floris themselves and, of course, from Amazon, who provide a reasonably priced Kindle download.

Treating different forms of depression

The approach I take is to look at a wide variety of different forms of depression and related ailments, so there are chapters on general depression, hormonal depression, SAD, anger and depression, and severe depression and suicidal thoughts. And related subjects such as OCD, low self esteem, insomnia, psychological trauma, loss, mourning and grief, and abuse are covered as well.

Generally speaking the structure of each chapter is to explore its special topic and then select remedies from 5 different essence makers to address the individual’s problems at the detailed level. Thus the chapter on chemical depression – which usually results from an addiction to recreational or pharmaceutical drugs or alcohol – shows essences which deal, for example, with addiction as a family pattern, or with feelings of unendurable desolation, or with a tendency to sabotage oneself or one’s goals.

Five flower essence makers

The format makes it an easy matter to home in on a particular area of difficulty dealt with in the 20 chapters, and then select essences at a high level of detail. The 5 makers – Dr Bach, Bailey essences (from the UK), Australian Bush, the Flower Essence Society of California and Pacific essences of Canada – have been chosen because their ranges cover the full variety of the human condition. Not that they are the best, indeed there are several other fine makers nowadays who cover the ground extremely well, but these 5 have been chosen for their variety and manageability – to try to include every maker would have been confusing and counterproductive.

The book is heavily illustrated - mostly with flowers mentioned in the text - easy to use, and (in my opinion at least!) beautifully produced.


The Milan Flower Essence Conference, 2017

In June I visited Milan for four days of intensive talks by several prominent essence makers. Some I hadn't seen for 10 years, and two of them - Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer of Desert Alchemy in Tucson, Arizona, and Vasudeva Barnao of Living Essences of Australia - I hadn't met at all, although I been using some of their essences for a dozen years.

Cynthia Scherer and The Alchemy of the Desert

Nowadays, makers frequently combine their individual essences into combinations or formulas, which no longer carry the plant names. Instead these composite essences are given functional names such as Abundance, or Relationship, or Calm and Clear to give us a clue as to what the composite essence seeks to do.

Cynthia Scherer has carried this process further than most. She now has a range of 47 formulas, each given a detailed description in her excellent, chunky handbook The Alchemy of the Desert.

At the moment I'm working with two of Cynthia's 'kits' - the Celebration of Womanhood (14 formulas), and the Gift of the Masculine (12 formulas). And these essences are proving really, really useful. Some of their names are self-explanatory: Birthing Harmony, New Mother's Formula and Making And Honouring Boundaries, for example. Others need some interpretation. Thus, Owning The Level formula is made up of the individual flowers of Hedgehog Cactus, Rainbow Cactus (Tucson really is in the desert), and Star Leaf. Together, the composite helps us to identify and do whatever we have the greatest talent for doing; the thing it seems that we were put on Earth for. If we can identify this, and then achieve it, we have the best possible opportunity for finding perfect health and happiness.

Scherer's most popular formulas

So far so good with these formulas. Wild Women has proved popular. "She who dances with mud on her body", writes Cynthia, "the Wild Woman, is totally wild and free from any constraints or restrictions". You can see how throwing off constraints can be an important precursor essence to Owning The Level.

Two others are worth noting. The Husband Formula is placed in the Gift of the Masculine kit, but it is at least as applicable for women wanting to find a husband or learn to husband their resources as it is for men wanting to become husbands.

And the Saguaro-Queen formula, which is made by combining the essences of Saguaro Cactus and Queen of the Night Cactus, is a balancing essence for masculine and feminine qualities in both men and women.

Desert Alchemy is at, and their European distributor is Der Essenzenladen.

The gem elixirs of Ann Callaghan

My thoughts are now beginning to turn towards the composite formulas made by another essence master, Ann Callaghan of Indigo, in Ireland. Ann makes 'gem elixirs' - vibrational essences prepare from rocks and crystals. And she does this with direct input from children because the essences are made particularly with children in mind. Gem elixirs are noted for their qualities of grounding and stability. Qualities which children need in various flavours. Of course she has combined her individual gem elixirs - with names like Hematite and Hiddenite/Kunzite - into formulas with more child-friendly names such as Plurk (Play and Work). Ann's site is at and her UK distributor is Universal Essences.


Essences and dying

During the past six weeks six of my friends or acquaintances have died.

Some of them were comparatively young, of my son’s generation, but in most of these cases I had been personally involved in their care, making remedies for them as seemed necessary. In the most recent case I had made up an essence – Crowea, from the Australian Bush flowers – to help him to stop worrying, And within 12 hours of his receiving it I heard that he had died.

Range of Light

After this I felt that I needed a remedy for me. I dowsed for what I needed, as I usually do (see my Dowsing blog) and came up with four essences from the Range of Light made by Flower Essence Services of California (FES).

The first essence was Hawthorn. Hawthorn is for ‘overly strong will that depletes heart balance’, says FES. More particularly it is for someone who is ‘easily agitated or stressed when personal will forces are not satisfied.’ The next essence I selected for my new remedy was Mountain Forget-Me-Not which was for ‘soul angst and alienation, feelings of isolation due to lack of connection and guidance from the spiritual world; confusion about life purpose and direction.’

A pattern seems to be emerging here: I am feeling uncomfortable because something I want to happen – so much that I can’t even hear the promptings of my heart or my spirit guides – is not happening. My third essence is Ocotillo, and it appears to add an extra emphasis to my imbalance: Ocotillo is for ‘excessive psychic “fire” leading to emotional reactivity, psychic projection and distortion, or various forms of anger and violence.’ This is strong stuff: clearly I’m feeling what I’m feeling with considerable force. And finally Pedicularis goes into the mix, and this essence helps with ‘excessive emotionality which inhibits deeper understanding of one’s soul pain.’

Soul Pain

So what is this ‘soul pain’ that has been so troubling me? I think the answer is that I was running with the idea that I should be using the essences to ‘save’ people from death, and that if I made a remedy for someone it would so dissolve their problems that they could go on indefinitely. I know that I didn’t really believe that I could cheat death, but nonetheless I had a tendency to get angry if someone died that I had been treating – they should have responded more positively or, worse perhaps, I blamed myself for not coming up with the right remedies at the right time to ensure that they lived on!

I think the penny has dropped at last. When we are working with the essences we are working towards our better self-understanding, to finding out what is the very best for us, and then doing it to the very best of our ability and with the greatest enjoyment. Death will have his day, but until then we owe it to ourselves to get the greatest possible satisfaction from this life.


Why people don't get well

All too often, as a therapist, I sit down with clients, listen to their stories, and readily identify a number of essences that match the negative moods or the positive aspirations that they are engaged with at the moment. Essences are combined in a dosage bottle and handed over and, a few weeks later, the person returns to the consulting room – and nothing seems to have happened!

Working at depth

Essences work at depth rather than on superficial symptoms and yet, as patients, we are used to reporting the symptoms – this backache, or that headache. Unless the therapist can go below the surface and identify the true negative emotions or mental states which are giving rise to the symptoms there is every possibility that essences will be selected which fall short of our aspirations. If the client is in a steady state of despondency she may be so used to that condition that she fails to report it. If the therapist also misses that state then he or she may not select a despondency remedy – Dr Bach’s Gentian remedy comes to mind – and so the client, still bowed down by her despondency, returns with her bad back for the next session. I am not saying that Gentian is the cure for a bad back, but it does help to shift despondency, and if despondency and the bad back are intimately connected then Gentian may well be the answer, or at least a part of it.

Resistance and blockages

Sometimes the trouble lies in the resistance that the other has built up. A lot of the difficulties that draw us to trying essences have occurred early on in life, so early on indeed that we may have repressed those difficulties and then forgotten that they ever happened. Sigmund Freud recognised the resistance more than a hundred years ago and gave it its due importance. Some essences help to dissolve resistance, and thus enable other essences to do their good work.

And those difficulties I mentioned do need to be looked at before healing can occur: they create blockages which deplete our energy until they are cleared. I am talking not only about early abuse and ill treatment, but about less obvious difficulties such as parental constraint or marital break-up or uncertainty for the young child. If these problems can be eased then a major barrier to healing is removed.

One difficulty which afflicts many of us is that of not being wanted by our parents and, as you may imagine, it runs deep. If the mother conveys to the foetus in the womb that it is not wanted that message can be understood by the unborn child and can be devastating. It is buried in the subconscious and a lot of life energy (prana, chi) is used up in the process. If this trauma is identified and essences are used to release it, energy invariably improves dramatically.

Mental health issues

Depression and other mental disorders are often either not recognised or not acknowledged by us or our clients, but they also tie up a lot of life energy which could be better used for healing. There is no cure among the essences for bipolar disorder, but this and other difficulties have mental and emotional components which, when addressed by the essences, can bring some welcome relief and help us to become well again.

These are some of the reasons why listening to the complaints and aspirations of clients and selecting essences to help resolve them may not be enough. Intuition is our best friend in probing deeper, to arrive at the underlying causes of our difficulties.



When I have had a discussion with a client it’s time to choose her essences and I pick up my dowsing pendulum.  The client is often intrigued. What’s going on? Sometimes I anticipate that accepting dowsing on top of flower essences may be a bridge too far for her, in which case I ask her to wait in the waiting room after our consultation until I have thought some more about the best essences for her.

Another kind of field

Dowsing seems very like using Google to me. Google has access to a vast range of information via all those linked servers. The dowser accesses another kind of field where all the information is held and questions that field for the benefit of the client.

I get more information about his health, perhaps more than he knew himself. I can confirm his own ideas about his health, and discover what’s important and what may be less so. I can find out things he may have forgotten about.

Just as with Google, there are controls. I can’t use my dowsing frivolously when asking questions about her health. Data is provided on a ‘need to know basis’. If I need to know in order to select the most helpful essences then I get that information. If not, then I don’t.

An intuition amplifier

Then I dowse for the essences. I have more than 1000 essences to choose from, and I can’t keep a detailed knowledge in my head about all of them, but the field that my dowsing goes into does have this knowledge. It matches essences against the person’s needs, and comes up with the best fit.

Dowsing seems to be an intuition amplifier. My belief is that you choose essences best when giving full rein to your intuition. Choosing essences is not just a rational process of matching the client’s moods to what the makers say about their essences. If you are ‘invested’ in a particular answer, in other words if you really, really want a particular result, then you can override the pendulum, but otherwise it is a most helpful tool.

Dowsing can be learnt easily. The British Society of Dowsers (https://www.britishdowsers.orghold regular introductory courses, and dowsing isn’t just for health and essences but a host of other questions as well.