Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 02:33PM
[Chris Phillips]

When I have had a discussion with a client it’s time to choose her essences and I pick up my dowsing pendulum.  The client is often intrigued. What’s going on? Sometimes I anticipate that accepting dowsing on top of flower essences may be a bridge too far for her, in which case I ask her to wait in the waiting room after our consultation until I have thought some more about the best essences for her.

Another kind of field

Dowsing seems very like using Google to me. Google has access to a vast range of information via all those linked servers. The dowser accesses another kind of field where all the information is held and questions that field for the benefit of the client.

I get more information about his health, perhaps more than he knew himself. I can confirm his own ideas about his health, and discover what’s important and what may be less so. I can find out things he may have forgotten about.

Just as with Google, there are controls. I can’t use my dowsing frivolously when asking questions about her health. Data is provided on a ‘need to know basis’. If I need to know in order to select the most helpful essences then I get that information. If not, then I don’t.

An intuition amplifier

Then I dowse for the essences. I have more than 1000 essences to choose from, and I can’t keep a detailed knowledge in my head about all of them, but the field that my dowsing goes into does have this knowledge. It matches essences against the person’s needs, and comes up with the best fit.

Dowsing seems to be an intuition amplifier. My belief is that you choose essences best when giving full rein to your intuition. Choosing essences is not just a rational process of matching the client's moods to what the makers say about their essences. If you are 'invested' in a particular answer, in other words if you really, really want a particular result, then you can override the pendulum, but otherwise it is a most helpful tool.

Dowsing can be learnt easily. The British Society of Dowsers (https://www.britishdowsers.orghold regular introductory courses, and dowsing isn’t just for health and essences but a host of other questions as well.


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