Remote transmission of essences

I have been working with essences pretty much full time for more than 15 years now, but I can't see myself becoming rich as a flower essence therapist any time soon. However, my understanding continues to grow, and one thing that came up quite early in my career is independent of reward. I found that it is possible to transmit the energy of essences to another person even though they were on the other side of the world.

A powerful option

'Why would you wish to do that?', you may say. It seems to me there is a variety of reasons. First of all, you need to care enough for someone. Remote work is neither particularly quick nor easy, and the person may be totally unaware of what you have done for them. However, if they are suffering in some way - and usually this suffering has a mental or emotional basis whatever the physical symptoms - then you may be drawn to helping them. In fact you can check intuitively (I am a dowser) and if the answer is 'yes, this is for the greater good', and if the person responds positively at the mental, emotional and soul levels to the idea, then it's okay to proceed.

Perhaps they are ill and though you care for them they are resistant to the idea of help from essences ('illogical',' insufficient evidence', 'I don't have time for this stuff'), or they live on another continent and you simply don't trust the post. Whatever the reason, remote transmission of essence energy is a powerful option.

Energy medicine

Essences are energy medicine. We are beings of energy. The essences go out to the recipient and the essence energy modifies their energy for the good. To transmit the essence energy, I visualize the person receiving the relevant essence and set my dowsing pendulum swinging positively until it stops, whereupon the energy of the essence - Australian Bush Confid, say, or Dr Bach's Larch - has been transmitted to the recipient. You can measure the effect between one session and the next. For example, if you have intuited that the person suffers from low self esteem you can measure the intensity of the feeling: let us say 6 out of 6 for a severe case. If you transmit the essence you can then measure the level of that negative feeling two or three weeks later. If the negative feeling has dropped, and a drop from 6 to 5 is significant, you will know that you are on the right track.

Frequently, of course, the person targeted may be quite unaware of this going on but, nonetheless the energy shifts. Personally I would rather have the patient applying her own intention and affirmation consciously to the process and believe that generally the best results come that way. However, often that is not possible and it can be deeply satisfying to help at a distance.