Case Studies

Flower essences in action: three case studies

Here are just a few real-life examples of how flower essence therapy has helped my clients:

Congenital sinus problems

A man aged 28 approached me with congenital sinus problems. The sinuses on one side of his head were abnormally reduced in size. The effect of this was that colds and ‘flu’ were a nightmare experience for him, with exceedingly painful sinusitis.  He took no medication other than painkillers. My first concern was to strengthen his immune system, and then use the essences to reduce irritability, and minimize the problem as he experienced it.  Australian Bush Flower’s Bush Iris works directly on boosting the immune system and on sinusitis; this was supported by Dog Rose, and Dr Bach’s Chicory, Holly and Impatiens, all of which address various aspects of irritability. Six months later he had a heavy summer cold and was given a further remedy to support the immune system: Bush Essences’ Illawarra Flame Tree, Holly again, and Star of Bethlehem. He reported later that his sinuses hadn’t bothered him during the last year since taking the essences.

Bowel cancer

This client had been diagnosed with bowel cancer at age 76.  Chemo- and radio-therapy and surgery were all being offered, but he absolutely refused to allow conventional medical intervention. He was a complete contrarian, anti-authority in all forms, though sympathetic to alternative therapies. His energy was extremely low. The Motivation combination from Flower Essences of Fox Mountain was given, combined with Nan’s Polyanthus from Saskia’s Flower Essences, both powerful energizers.  Within a month his energy had increased dramatically, and he had accepted a programme of all three conventional therapies which, in due course and supported by further flower essences, averted the cancer.

Insomnia and lack of appetite

This client, a 15-year old girl, complained of insomnia and lack of appetite. We used the MYMOP2 (Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile - ) to chart her progress. 6 is as bad as it can be, 0 is as good as it can be. On her first visit, she recorded 5 for not sleeping/tearful, and 4 for lack of appetite, with her general feeling of wellbeing getting a 5. I prescribed Yellow Pond Lily, which is designed for “floating free of emotions and attachments” according to maker Sabina Pettitt of Pacific Essences, “and to release emotional patterns so that we are able to move forward fearlessly without being at the mercy of our feelings.” I also gave her Sabina’s Urchin sea essence to alleviate worry and obsessive thinking, as I discovered that there is an ‘anxiety gene’ in the family. Three weeks later the client reported on the MYMOP form a 1 for not sleeping, a 2 for lack of appetite, and a 2 for well being.  Her energy was much improved.