How It Works

How does flower essence therapy work?

Flower essences don’t work on conditions in the conventional ‘medical’ sense.  They are designed to work holistically. This means that the practitioner tries to go behind the presenting symptoms - the hay fever, the backache, the depression - to uncover the emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance that is the cause or major contributing factor of the physical condition. Flower essences work to restore these imbalances, and in doing so they can repair trauma, change obsolete behaviour patterns, balance energy and moods on all levels, and connect us to our intuitive wisdom, our inner resources, and the energies of the natural world.

Through consultation, the flower essence therapist’s role is to help clients uncover and understand their underlying issues, to select an individual flower essence or a combination of essences which can be most helpful in treating those issues, and, if necessary, to plan a course of treatment which the client can use to help her.

Some people notice a subtle change in their reactions to issues in their lives; some notice emotional or other blocks dissolving, and others feel an immediate shift in their energy.