Practice notes

Based on a talk given at the 2014 BFVEA Gathering and published in the Summer 2014 edition of Essence magazine.

When I started out as a therapist it took me some while before I realised that I was working with the best therapy in the world, and yet not all my patients got well. What was happening? Gradually, however, through working intuitively, relying more on my pendulum plus attunement with spirit, a dowsing protocol evolved consisting of a set of questions which focused on the problem. It is these questions and the issues they raise which I would now like to explore.

Are they holding on to their condition?

Sometimes a person simply doesn’t wish to be get well. If your dowsing or intuition discovers this, it is useful to have a conversation with the person at the deep spiritual level – which will be a place where truth is. If your argument in favour of their getting well is persuasive it will be listened to by the person and acted on very quickly. You may, however, find resistance. People have had to struggle hard to fashion a way of being in the world that works for them and they are understandably unwilling to let go of it. Using essences that help break entrenched patterns of behaviour can really help.

What have been their life difficulties?

The various difficulties that people have experienced in their lives may also be discovered intuitively. Sometimes they are traumatic, such as when the mother let’s the baby know, while still in the womb, that it is unwanted. Or negative programming can occur. Parental constraint between the ages of seven and fourteen often leaves an enduring mark on a child and depletes energy in adulthood.

Are psychic lesions or pathology present?

Psychic lesions can arise which stay with the person for life. Their effects can be diminished by essences which start vital energy flow. I measure energy level by dowsing and become optimistic if it starts to move upwards. I similarly measure whether pathology is present, and its intensity.  If medication is being given, essences can counteract the damaging side-effects while other essences are also at work.

Does the person suffer from depression and ‘stuckness’

I’m rather in favour of depression myself and am writing a book about it. Depression seems to be a prompt towards finding one’s role in life, and the essences seem to be the therapy above any other which guides you out of depression and into creativity. People may come to a therapist to deal with this or that difficulty or pathology but, in fact, being stuck is the universal disease. Unblock the ‘stuckness’ and people can move forward, and have nowhere else to go but into their own special identity and creativity. This is just as true of extreme conditions such as cancer and psychosis. They are severe forms of stuckness. Often they are medicated conditions so it is worth knowing whether medication is being taken so that you can choose essences which take this into account and thus protect the person from the worst side effects.

Are my own doubts affecting the results?

Sometimes doubt arises; doubt in our own capabilities, doubt in the essences. These can be so corrosive that, in their presence, you can hardly get the essences to work at all. But without self-doubt you may have lost your only effective critic. Sceptics will scoff at the effectiveness of essences, and they carry the majority with them which of course affects you; so the person you have to convince is, first and always, yourself. So seize the doubt, scrutinize your work critically, but do the work anyway, and keep on doing it and its quality will improve.

Can I help a problem client via remote transmission (broadcasting)?

Clients can be very variable creatures. One’s care with people is always to do the very best by them that it is possible to do, even if that is not reciprocated.  There are myriad reasons why you do not obtain the recognition that you are pretty sure you deserve! Never, therefore, say that the people you want to treat won’t accept treatment. If you care that they get well, treat them anyway. Like essences, we are vibrational beings. We can, by an act of intuition, select appropriate essences for a person and, by an act of will, transmit them to the recipient directly. Healers call this absent healing.

A remotely transmitted remedy will lose some effectiveness, but most of the strength comes through. So if there are those you know who are unwell and unwilling to take essences, let your intuition decide whether you can work remotely with them and, of course, that it is for the greater good to do so. Check also whether you have their permission – at the deepest level that is – and, of course, whether they do actually want to get well.

Three case studies

So how does this approach work in practice? Three case studies will illustrate the process.  The first is Martha aged 15. Dowsing showed her energy to be at 16 (out of 75), with lung pathology of 2/6, which is just sub-clinical, i.e. I would expect nothing to show up in a scan. Recently her step-father had split up with her mother, taking with him his two boys by a previous marriage who had become as brothers to Martha. He instructed them to cut off all relations with her, and to ‘unfriend her’ on Facebook. Her own father had told her that he was soon going to leave the country with his new family. I transmitted Wild Earth’s Wild Freedom essence. Six months later her she was exhibiting scoliosis and a bad back. Her lung pathology had disappeared, but her energy had dropped right down to 8/75. I gave Balancing BloomsCheer Up! and Sensuality – a boyfriend had appeared. Two months later her energy was at 27 and the bad back and scoliosis were not so marked. I transmitted Wildflower Primrose and Harmony. She got the GCSEs she needed and energy steadied at around 45 (Shabd-Sangeet Khalsa’s Dancing Light Orchid essence, Walking Out of Patterns followed by Wild Earth Cygnet and Wild Foal). However, her father then left the country, the boyfriend went to university earlier than expected, and her mother, who had been going through a difficult patch herself, put their home on the market. Martha was overweight, and complained ‘there’s never any food in the house’. She failed her AS levels, energy dropped back to 15, depression advanced to borderline, and the scoliosis went up to 5/6. (FES Zinnia, Yarrow Environmental Solution). Several weeks of pneumonia and pleurisy followed, which was not necessarily a gloomy out-turn: the lungs are the seat of grief, and needed clearing. I transmitted FES Trumpet Vine and Violet, then Splendid Mariposa Lily and Tall Mountain Larkspur. Meanwhile her mother had been frequently threatening to commit suicide. When I last checked, however, Martha had put her mother onto a dating site and found a boyfriend for her and her own energy was at 57.

I had noticed that Caspar had lost a great deal of weight. Dowsing showed his energy at 14 and the following pathology: epilepsy at 4/6, gastro-intestinal 4/6, cytomegalovirus 6/6, sepsis 5/6, and HIV 5/6; also that there was heavy medication. Davidson’s, my medical textbook, said ‘pain on swallowing, weight loss and chronic diarrhoea are common presenting symptoms of late stage HIV. A range of opportunistic organisms and HIV-related tumours may be responsible.’[1] I broadcast Wildflower’s Sweet Dreams, White Archangel and Harmony. At my review a few weeks later only the sepsis, at 2/6, remained, and the medication had become less aggressive. I transmitted Balancing Blooms Cheer Up!, and Sensuality. Energy had gone to 34. Six weeks later it was up at 46, the sepsis had gone, and the medication seemed to have been withdrawn. I saw him and his wife happy and smiling and, as a last remedy, broadcast FES Yellow Star Tulip and Yerba Santa.

Then there is my own case. Eighteen months ago I had a stroke. It wasn’t a severe stroke, but I was taken to hospital (in France as it happened) with stenosis in a difficult-to-reach artery at the back of my neck. I was there for two days, including 24 hours in intensive care, and the doctors blamed my past history of smoking. However, I had the time to reflect upon my mood beforehand. It was strained and negative and I was always at variance with my wife, so I worked on this. I didn’t have any essences with me, but the day I left hospital I selected and transmitted to myself the energy of Wild Earth’s Wild Horse and Whale and, the following day, I did the same with Wildflower’s Nettle and Harmony. Later I supported myself with other essences. I dutifully took the aspirin, the platelet thinner and the statin for a few weeks, and then found by dowsing that I could discontinue all of them.

A final word

Developing a successful essence practice is not easy and using dowsing and distant transmission of treatments is well worth a try. It helps both you and your clients and may also encourage you to develop some specialism such as children or depression. Don’t forget, too, the effect of self doubt already discussed. ‘Ask and it is Given’, is the title of a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks [2], and it is worth being aware of the maxim in its title and ponder its implications. Good luck.


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