Introductory course

I will be giving a face-to-face course on six Tuesday evenings during October and November to introduce people to the flower and vibrational essences and give them sufficient confidence to select essences which will be helpful to themselves, their families and friends. In particular I will be paying attention to essences that help to alleviate depression.

The course will be held at Rudolf Steiner House on the south-west side of Regent’s Park in London.

There will be a strong hands-on emphasis to the course which will concentrate on raising vital energy (chi) and make use of several different makers’ ranges of essences as well as Dr Bach’s original remedies.

These makers will be chosen for the variety of their approach to essence making but will have in common that they are ‘full spectrum’ producers, attempting to ensure that their essences cover the whole range of the human condition.

We shall also be looking in detail at those areas of human difficulty and imbalance which essences are best able to address – fear, low self-esteem, a lack of self-love and all the negative emotions to which we are subject.

There will also be guidance on sourcing essences from the wide range of makers represented on the web.

There are further details available under the COURSE button above together with an application form.